The Story About Dekkster

What does Dekkster do?
Dekkster the HouseHaed is a house DJ and performer. DJ:ing at parties and clubs and sometimes makes his own tracks.

A little history:
I discovered house House Music in 1986 when I bought the Marshall Jefferson “Move your body” record. It took a few listenings before I got hooked… but then. House Music was in my system. It was followed by more of what available back then; it wasn’t easy to get house tracks in Sweden back then. It was about 7-8 years before house was played at clubs and bars at any degree in Sweden. “Move your body” was followed by tracks like “Jack your body”, “French Kiss” etc. A lot of it was old school piano house, and then came stuff like Tyree Cooper’s “Turn upp the bass” etc.

In 1988 I started dj:ing at some smaller venues I western Sweden. By this time house was considered something strange that regular “Svenssons” would not dance to, and rather leave the club than anything. So the crowds were small.

To be continued…